photo a day may: birthday edition (18th & 19th)

Friday was my 24th birthday, so here are photos of the celebration festivities!

Friday morning at work Steph gave me this AWESOME cat shirt. We then ate with the office at Freddie’s Place and enjoyed AMAZING cupcakes (I actually ate a smore’s bar) from Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop. Yum.


Friday night Jerrett took me to Rockin’ Tomato for garlic pizza (my favorite) then we met some friends downtown for drinks. It was my most random night downtown ever, which of course, ended with Brittany and I dancing our hearts to our hearts’ content.

Saturday we saw The Eggmen play at The Grove in Southpark Meadows. They are a local Beatles cover band that totally rock and I would highly recommend seeing them if you haven’t.

We ended my birthday celebrations by seeing Rocky Horror at the Alamo Drafthouse, complete with wigs (and our friend Adriana) and a chocolate chip cookie milkshake. What a wonderful birthday!


love love love,
Samantha Janay


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