photo a day may: 6th

i spent the day perusing Half Price Books and Barnes and Noble, and came out with these finds. i have so many books in my queue right now, i can’t decide where to start! i attempted audio books on my Kindle, but failed. i can’t really pay attention to someone reading me a story. 
i’ve decided to go back and re-read some books i had to study in high school. i liked them back then, but am pretty sure i’ll love them now that someone isn’t forcing me to read them. i can’t wait for Animal Farm, Fahrenheit 451, A Separate Peace, and The Great Gatsby
Stephen King’s most recent novel, 11/22/63 has really pushed me back into the swing of reading. it was easily the best story i’ve ever read and would recommend it to anyone. it’s a doozy at 850 pages, but you’ll get sucked in so easily it won’t take long to read. i’m open to any and all book suggestions!
love love love,
samantha janay

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