photo a day may: 3rd


pandora was very good to me at work today. i was pretty worn out on the stations i usually listen to, so i created a new station based on the song “Brick House,” which was the best decision ever! plenty of disco and funk and soul, oh my! good tunes always make the work day go smoothly.

after work i started construction on the rehearsal bouquet for Heather‘s wedding next month. i love being crafty and i love my best friend, so this is a really fun project for me! as tradition goes, we collected all of her ribbons and bows from the bridal shower to make the bouquet she will carry during the rehearsal.

my main squeeze is taking me to see The Avengers tonight at midnight (thanks love!), so i’m off to take a hefty nap. i’m notorious for falling asleep during movies (sadly, even in theaters) so a midnight screening is even harder for me to keep my eyes open. hopefully i can make it!

love love love,
samantha janay


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