samantha janay: world traveler

Boston: my most recent adventure

my main goal in life is to have as many adventures as possible. hopefully, most of them will allow me to see the world. so far, i’ve got a good chunk of America covered and am only missing a few major cities i’d still like to see.

i couldn’t even begin to list all of the places i want to visit and the sites i want to see. i have yet to leave the country (getting a passport is on my to-do list) and realize that i better get started if i plan on seeing the world.

i had so many friends study abroad in college and can’t believe i didn’t join in! Catlin spent a semester in Australia, Cassy studied in France. Mackie actually just returned from being in Australia for a solid year. CRAZY!

lesson to learn: all college students should take a semester to study elsewhere. leave the country. it’s a once in a lifetime experience and you should definitely take it!

love love love,
samantha janay

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