samantha janay: clumsy

showing off wounds from a former fall

i wasn’t planning on writing an “i’m super clumsy” blog, but i have taken 2 pretty hard falls this week. here’s snippets of some of my best walking blunders.

i fell on my elbow on my mom’s kitchen tile floor a few years ago. my elbow, still to this day, is squishy. ask me to feel it sometime. pretty sick stuff.

a couple of weeks ago, while wearing new (and slippery) flip flops in Randall’s, i fell in front of a few elderly folks. on my bum. while holding a half gallon of milk. clean up on aisle 7!

2 nights ago, while running down Duval (the most uneven sidewalks EVER), i rolled my ankle and fell into the grass.

i wore the same new flip flops (not so new or slippery anymore….so i thought) to work yesterday and they caused me to fall on the stairs. i hurt my back and scraped up my arm.

apparently, i need to start wearing actual shoes. or would barefoot be the answer? who knows.

love love love,
samantha janay

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