samantha janay: halloweenie

dr frank-n-furter
dia de los muertos

halloween is absolutely my favorite day of the entire year! i’m not even a huge fan of scary movies, it’s more about the costumes and orange decorations and candy for me.

i’m definitely not satisfied with your average buy-at-the-party-store-all-in-one costume either. i put a bunch of thought and time behind my costumes and put them together piece by piece. which means that i’ve got a plastic bin full of random wigs, clothes, glasses, and accessories if you ever need to borrow anything!

in recent years, i have been lady gaga, a california raisin, mario (complete with a luigi counterpart AND a princess peach!), toucan sam, and a 1970’s basketball player. 

i know it’s only march, but i’m already thinking i’ll be The Dude from Big Lebowski this year. i attempted to be him last year, but couldn’t find a robe. hopefully this year works out!

love love love,
samantha janay

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