samantha janay: gLeek

rachel berry times TWO

i love glee. absolutely love it. there was even a time when it pretty much consumed most of my daily thoughts (season 1). my good friend Brittany (the rachel berry in white) and i have loved it since the pilot. we have thrown glee themed parties, we usually watch together every week, and we’ve even been known to do aerobics to it in the morning. we agree that it’s taken a different turn in the current season and it will never be as good as season 1, but we still love it.

another friend of mine, Stephanie (the rachel berry in yellow), became a fan later in the game, but caught up quickly. after listening to me rave about it for weeks, she borrowed my DVDs from the first half of season 1 on a friday, and was ready for the current episodes as of monday. she fell in love just as quickly as we did.

love love love,
samantha janay

ps… i listened to this track while writing this blog.

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