samantha janay: geocacher

recently found cache

i started geocaching a few years ago after hearing some friends and my brother talk about it. IT IS SO MUCH FUN. if you don’t know what it is, here’s the simplest description i know: worldwide treasure hunt with strangers.

once you sign up for free online, you can see caches that are hidden all over the world. you are given coordinates to find them, so you’ll need a GPS (the iPhone app makes it crazy simple with everything in one place!). you are supposed to sign the cache’s physical and virtual log so everyone that comes after you can see who all has been there! some caches are micros (like the pictured) and just have a log to sign. others are bigger (usually ammo cases) and have knick knacks that are take one/leave one. it’s especially fun to do while traveling! i would highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys being outdoors.

love love love,
samantha janay

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