samantha janay: sissy

in front of the UT alumni center

statues and people behind masks/costumes are 2 of the scariest things on earth to me. when i was little my brothers would threaten me with the thought of Jason (Voorhees) coming to get me. i think this is where the fright began.

mascots at sporting events – not ok
clowns – scariest of them all
V for Vendetta – freaky (i NEED to see his face!)
phantom of the opera – weird

statues are another story. if they look very lifelike in the face (most that you would see up close do) i’m afraid they’ll come to life and grab me. they’re just the kind of thing that i don’t want to be close to for very long. taking the photo to the right was a very uncomfortable few seconds for me. i probably ran away as quickly as possibly once the photo was taken.

moral of the story: don’t approach me in a Jason mask (or any mask for that matter). no likey.

love love love,
samantha janay

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