samantha janay: family man…err…girl

here’s a quick breakdown of mi familia (from left to right…ish):
white family christmas pajamas

-zak – oldest brother – lives near san antonio and is the pastor at revolution church

-amber – sister-in-law – amazing cook and mom who keeps her family alive and helps zak run the church

-babygirl white – niece – coming soon (this summer) and has yet to be named (her older brother Couper is thinking about Diamond or Peach)

-couper – nephew – about to turn 5 and easily the funniest person i’ve ever met

-patti – mom – nurse and donald duck lover who sticks out her bottom lip as she thinks

-jay – dad – crazy marathon runner and probably the healthiest person i know

-ty – brother – high school coach and teacher who loves beer, notre dame, and the boston red sox

-angelika – newer sister-in-law – new momma and nurse in san antonio who can’t turn down a dare

-madi – niece – born last august and loves eating, cooing, and smiling

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