samantha janay: partner in crime

handsome devil

i feel lucky to hang out with such an awesome guy/BFF/ boo/boyfriend/partner-in-crime everyday. Jerrett is the funniest and most genuine person i’ve ever spent time with and after a year we still aren’t tired of each other! we always have fun together, even if we’re just harmonizing with Freddie or Florence while driving.

this past valentine’s day we ate at a very swanky restaurant among other couples on very romantic dates. there were balloons and flowers and wine everywhere, but instead of being lovey-dovey, we talked about which celebrities we would marry and kill. we tend to have interesting conversations in inappropriate places.

he keeps me laughing pretty much constantly and even watches glee with me from time to time! (i know he secretly loves it) we share a love of music, movies, food, beer, and of course, each other.

he is one of the best people i know and makes me want to be a better person!

love love love,
samantha janay

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