samantha janay: crazy cat lady

kitty says ‘hola’

i don’t care what anyone says, being described as a ‘crazy cat lady’ really isn’t all that bad. mind you, i only have one cat. gato, rather (he speaks more spanish than english). his name is henry, but he is most commonly referred to as ‘kitty.’

he’s the biggest cat i know, weighing in at about 19.6 pounds. you’ve probably already seen him, as he has already appeared on the blog.

this is how kitty’s mind works: he wants to make you think y’all are BFFs, then right when he has you wrapped around his finger…err….paw, he goes in for the kill. and by the kill, i mean the bite. and he’s known to leave some marks and draw a little blood. BEWARE.

love love love,
samantha janay & kitty

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