samantha janay: rubik’s cube solver

one fall semester during college, in between spending hours in the dark room and hours in the photo/design computer lab, my great fellow-photographer friend Jillian passed along the most useful knowledge possible to me. the steps to solving the rubik’s cube.

the day the cube was solved
shot by our friend and classmate Oscar


it literally took us an entire semester during our down time. it started on a camping trip with some other photographer friends, Mackie and Brenda. by the end of the semester, our classmates hated us because of our constant cube-talk.
the day i solved the cube for the first time was magical. i’ll never forget it, for more reasons than just the cube. we were with our entire photo class after our last photo critique of the semester (including our professor), and we experienced all 4 seasons in 1 day (it was in the 70’s during the hottest part of the day, but snow flurried that night).
thank you Jillian. i’ll always remember the countless hours we went over and over the steps, and the class we spent seeing who could solve it the most times.
love love love,
samantha janay

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