samantha janay: best friend

top: somewhere around 2002
bottom: christmas eve 2011

my best friend Heather and i have known each other since we were 5 and have some of the funniest stories you’d ever hear.

we once snuck up to our high school algebra teacher’s front door with diet coke asking for help on an assignment. i once fell out of her moving vehicle while holding no less than 5 sonic root beer floats. we share packs of pixy stix (she eats the blue, i eat the purple, we split the red). we used ‘tweet’ as a secret code long before twitter existed.

we are also polar opposites. we are as different as 2 people could possibly be. in a job interview a few years ago i was asked what my best friend and i had in common. my only answer was “each other.”

she is why i’m so excited about 2012! i get to stand next to her this june as she marries her OTHER best friend and i couldn’t be happier for her! she has been looking forward to this day her entire life and i think i’m just as excited as she is for it to be here!

love love love,
samantha janay

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