samantha janay: 13.1 mile runner

why was i in Dallas that fateful day that led to me being in an Erykah Badu video you ask? let me explain.

us before the Dallas 1/2

my dad is a serious marathon runner. because of this, our entire family has turned into runners. we were in dallas that day to run the rock n’ roll 1/2 marathon. this was the second 1/2 marathon for my mom and me. we ran our first together in disney world a few months before this.

i would highly recommend participating in races. there’s no other feeling like crossing the finish line and knowing you have such a huge accomplishment behind you! for you austinites, i would highly recommend running this year’s Cap10k on March 25th. there are tons of people running the approximately 6 mile race in COSTUME. that’s right. costumes. it’s always a fun race to participate in!

love love love,
samantha janay

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